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Flight Information Exchange – Minimum Viable Infrastructure


The rapid growth of Uncrewed Aviation System (UAS) technology and larger AAM freight and passenger aircraft over the last decade is allowing the AAM industry to transform aviation.

These needed improvements in aviation technology are creating services, transportation, jobs, and better access to goods and services to communities across the country, dramatically expanding aviation to places where it currently does not exist. The services required for safe AAM operations are the very services being provided though ATAA’s approach.

Focus Offerings


Flight Information Exchange (FIX)

A national information network that supports consistent, harmonized public navigation and advisory services.

Minimum Viable Infrastructure (MVI)

A national, sustainable surveillance and safety network through MVI network development services.

Value Added Data Services (VADS)

Allow our government customers to provide value added data services to their aviation constituents that improve safety and compliance.

Our AirDEX™ technology serves as an “information hub” that provides supplemental data for AAM and UAS operations and fosters collaboration with an emphasis on public safety and transparency.” “AirDEX™ technology allows state and local governments to function as a Supplemental Data Service Provider (SDSP), as outlined in the Federal Aviation Administration’s UAS Traffic Management Concept of Operations.

AirDEX Authority

AirDEX Authority is the administration module allowing the implementation of security and access controls along with the ability to create, edit, and delete organizations, users and advisories as well as take action on user requests and review performance metrics.

AirDEX Data

AirDEX Data is the central data broker providing, among other services, data ingestion and programmatic data sharing.

AirDEX Provides the Technical Foundation for:


Virginia Flight Information Exchange (VA-FIX)


Central California Coast Flight Information Exchange (CC-FIX)


Northeast Ohio Flight Information Exchange (NEO-FIX)

ATA Aviation is a FAA UAS Service Supplier and a member of the FAA’s Data Exchange program.

Beeline is a unique UAS Service Supplier (USS) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) application. Beeline automates and streamlines the application and approval process for UAS airspace authorizations.

ATA Aviation Team

We are driven by the unyielding belief that public digital infrastructure and new air services hold the key to unlocking the immense potential of the rapidly emerging AAM market. Serving as a vital catalyst in shaping the future of aviation and revolutionizing how businesses and governments harness the power of uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) and new transportation modalities.

Our visionary team has shaped the market and defined solutions that promise to redefine the very fabric of aviation, offering unparalleled value through enhanced efficiency, unprecedented insights, and a safer, more connected airspace.

John Eberhardt

John Eberhardt

Managing Director

Scott Drew

Scott Drew

Executive Director, Customer Management

Eric Kucks

Eric Kucks

Executive Director, Engineering

as a Business

Critical is our partnership with State and Local government and industry as well as with federal and state regulators. The result is functional ecosystems for agencies, operators, pilots, vehicle manufacturers, sensor providers, and software and service providers.

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